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April 3, 2013
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KCC Cleighton by sailor-snow KCC Cleighton by sailor-snow
:bulletwhite: Name: Cleighton "Cleigh" Louis
:bulletwhite: Age: 17
:bulletwhite: Birthday: December 19th.
:bulletwhite: Height: 5'8
:bulletwhite: Weight: 110 lbs.
:bulletwhite: Species: British Longhair

:bulletwhite: Seme | Uke | Seke ☑

:bulletwhite: Personality :bulletwhite:

After being at the cafe for so long Cleighton has become one with himself and keeps quiet often.
He's very timid and shy, but fun and outgoing after you get to know him. He's a helpless romantic
so he takes life serious, especially his love life. He's caring and kind, but even though he may seem
sweet, he does have a bitter side. He's a very creative and hard worker when it comes to cooking. :new:

:bulletwhite: Likes/Dislikes :bulletwhite:

✔Stuffed Animals
✔Being in the kitchen

✘Being yelled at.
✘Being alone.
✘Loud places/music.
✘Being played
✘Bad relationships

:bulletwhite: Biography :bulletwhite:

As a child, Cleighton was always seen as a superior person.
His parents were quite fond of him and treated him with high
respect. He was put into private schools, which caused him to
become very distant. Being just a child, Cleighton grew to dislike
the way his parents were.

Cleighton was nothing like his parents thought of him to be.
He wasn't outgoing, or possessed many talents. However, there
was this one thing he had in mind. As he grew older Cleighton
watched his mother cook every now and then. He enjoyed helping her
and thought to himself, he'd open a little cafe one day. Over the time,
his father found out and ended up despising the child. He tried his best
to change Cleighton's mind. He put the boy into sports teams, but he
didn't make the cut.

Eventually, Cleighton grew tired of this and set out on his own.
It broke his mothers heart and his fathers soul, seeing how he
wasn't raised the way he expected him to be. On his own, Cleighton
practiced his cooking after moving into an apartment. He even got a
job here at the cafe hoping to enhance his skills.

Now he's head chef.

:new: After working at the cafe for so long Cleighton has opened
up to the modern world and accepted life as it comes. He's forgotten
much about his past and grown up so much. Although he hasn't
met that many co-workers he still considers himself well-known.
Recently he's met a very important person in his life, well somewhat,
but he hasn't truly allowed himself to become full attached due
to some issues.
He's also recently hit a growth spurt and has
decided his role in life not only as a baker, but a seke //COUGHDIESCOUGH.
He's become more comfortable around other men also and hopes
to meet new people, he's also recently started passing out
free samples of his sweets so stop by the kitchen to get some.~

:bulletwhite: Relationships :bulletwhite:

Mallow: They once had a thing but Cleigh has much forgotten about it due to his ways of wanting to be in a commitment.
Kay: Pretty close to this person for several reasons----however they've called off their "relationship" recently-------
Don't remember ahh, let me know if I missed anyone u v u

:bulletwhite: Additional Information :bulletwhite:

-He speaks English, French, and German.
-He has a weak spot behind his left ear.
-He gets very hyper after sweets or coffee.
-He's a true gentlemen now.//shot
-He loves tea sets, and porcelain.
-Single prune//sob

Art and OC :iconnekopuffsh:

Note me to rp. c; I don't bite
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